My recipes

To make it easier for you to find my recipes, I've created a list with links to the individual posts. Let me know how you get on, hopefully you'll enjoy making all this food as much as I have! (But for your own sake, I hope your waistline won't take as much of a hit as mine has!).

I've also included some Good Food, Nigella Lawson etc recipes that I've tried out (in which case I haven't included the recipe, only a link to it in my post, but you get an idea of what it's like and whether you want to try it out yourself). Whenever I've used another blogger's recipe, I'll have included a link back to their post too. I give credit where it's due!

Enjoy xx


Soda farls

Banana bread

Granola take 1

Granola take 2 (improved recipe)


Prawn and vegetable noodle broth

Rabbit in mustard sauce with gratin dauphinois

Pizza dough

Poulet basquaise

Smoked haddock, tomato and potato bake

Chinese duck stir fry


Masala dosa (pancake with potato curry)

Easy peasy vegetable curry

Whole roasted curry chicken and vegetable side dish




Berry and almond cake

Christmas cake

Chocolate, caramel and malteser cake

Apple and cinnamon cake (Good Food)

Peanut butter and chocolate cake (Good Food)

Banana, white chocolate and raspberry cake

Galette des rois

Snacks and puddings

Chocolate and oat cookies

Summer berry pudding


Blackberry brandy

Mulled cider (Waitrose)

Mulled apple juice (Good Food)


Spiced beetroot and orange chutney

Suet-free mincemeat


Warm bar nuts (Nigella)