Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A weekend in F

1/ Football
Very few perks come with my job, but this one was not insignificant, far from it: 2 tickets to go and see Boyfriend's favourite team. In a box. Now, am I not the best girlfriend ever?! ;-)

2/ Family
Golden wedding anniversary on Boyfriend's side of the family. A lot of eating, drinking and laughing!

3/ Food
As mentionned earlier, certainly a most memorable weekend of food!! We even made one of our favourite dishes yesterday: poulet basquaise. Couldn't be more simple as well, just brown some chicken thighs/ legs in a big pot, add chopped onion, garlic, button mushrooms, chopped red/ yellow/ green peppers, tomato sauce, a few chopped fresh tomatoes, some red wine and plenty of herbs and that's it! 180C in the oven and 1hour later and you have the most tasty dinner ready!

4/ Fabric
A while back, I'd ordered some swatches from Cath Kidston. I never ended up buying any material, but didn't want the swatches to go to waste. So I made this little 'pillow', I just think it's very cute! And the plastic box the pins came in was so ugly, I just had to do something!

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monica said...

ffffffabulous weekend!