Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Healthy-ish snack?

Good morning everyone! Well another rainy day here today, but I got something to cheer myself up. Last night, I whipped up something quickly in the kitchen, after having seen a tasty looking recipe on a blog. I adapted the recipe slightly because 1/ it was in US measurements and 2/ I didn't have all the ingredients. But I can tell you this, it got Boyfriend's approval so it can't be that bad!!

You will need:
  • 3 tablespoons of peanut butter (I used crunchy peanut butter because I love it like that)
  • 5 tablespoons of liquid honey
  • 3 "glasses" of brown rice crisp cereal (basically brown rice crispies - I found some in the health aisle of the supermarket - ingredients: 100% rice!)

Before I go on about the recipe, I want to say something about the "glasses". Basically the original recipe calls for 3 cups. But I don't have US cups in my house, so I used those glass glasses you get from small jars of Nutella. Or use one of those small Duralex glasses. Either way, you want a smallish glass.

So, the next step is to heat the honey and peanut butter on a medium heat for about 5min until it's all syrupy in terms of consistency. Meanwhile, oil a 9x9in tray and a mixing bowl. Tip the rice into the bowl, add the syrup once it's ready and give it all a good mix (you may find you need to use your hands for this). Press into your oiled dish and put in the fridge for an hour. After that, you can cut it up in pieces and enjoy!

Happy peanut buttery Tuesday all! xx


The Girl said...

Oooh these do look good. Unfortunately peanut butter is the food of the devil so I won't be making them.

Maria♥ said...

These look delish and my boys would definitely aprove!


Liz said...

Luckily ;-) I have plenty of those Nutella glasses lying around!

Simone said...

It looks like a quick and tasty recipe. I am sure I will be making it sometime! x

louisaholly said...

Peanut butter has to be food of the Gods - all that lovely nutty goodness! I'll definitely try these, they look like perfect lunch box fillers. Thank you for the recipe.

Flitterbee said...

I completely want to make these. I will at some point, possibly.