Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Blackberry party

Last weekend was another rather successful weekend in terms of berry picking: we managed to pick 1.6kg of blackberries! I kid you not!!! After picking lots the previous weekend, I just couldn't resist - their fragance is simply exquisite!!! And Boyfriend had found an interesting recipe which he was dying to try out: blackberry brandy. So here it goes! Take 1kg of blackberries (clean of course!) and place in a large glass container (I used a demijohn found in Wilkinson's):

Add 500g of caster sugar,

Add 1L of brandy (not the cheap stuff, the aim is to drink this!),

And there you go! Easy peasy!!!

Finish off by giving it a good swirl.

The plan is to give it a good swirl every few days to start with, then once every two weeks I think. Might have to put it in my diary to make sure I don't forget! Also have to store it in a cool dry place. And hopefully, fingers crossed, it'll taste really nice and we'll be able to bottle it in small bottles and give some out at Christmas! [I reckon we could add another litre of brandy in there, there's plenty of fruit to flavour more so we just need to get some more at the supermarket - so if you try this, get 2 litres to start with].

You might be right to point out that we collected 1.6kg, not 1kg as used in the above concoction. Well rest assured I put the rest to good use! I'm planning to make a blackberry and apple crumble later on in the week (with apples found at the weekend too!),

but even better, some I made some blackberry icecream on Sunday night!! I don't have an icecream maker because there's simply not enough space in the kitchen, but I've managed fine without it to be honest. I've got a fool proof recipe that works everytime:

  1. whisk some double cream (a large pot of 600ml is good) until you get soft peaks

  2. add in a couple of heaped tablespoons of icing sugar (add more later if it's not sweet enough - remember, it should almost taste too sweet at this point, as it will taste less so once frozen)

  3. mix in whatever it is you fancy (mashed bananas, some chocolate chips and fudge pieces, blackberries in my case this time)

  4. put in a tupperware in the freezer, mash with a fork after an hour and then again an hour later

  5. enjoy the next day and try not to eat the whole thing at once!!!

Happy Tuesday all! xx


Felix said...

I found your blog via Thomasinaknits and have really enjoyed reading about your English countryside walks and Blackberry-related enterprises! I am obsessed with wild food, with apples and blackberries in particular, but also with sloes and other joy.

I hope your Brandy works out well; we made cider at the weekend and will be making sloe gin this weekend!

The Garden Bell said...

Wow. Two delightful recipes all in one day. Both look absolutely, de-lish

lucy said...

That Ice cream looks great, finally posted my Blackberry Vodka, we could have a very tipsy blackberry party you know!

Felix said...

I have bookmarked this page for next year's blackberry glut and have put up some photos of sloes for you on my blog.

The main thing that differentiates them from wild plums is the shockingly sour/bitter taste... it dries your mouth out in an instant in unmistakeable bitterness. The plant sloes grow on - Blackthorn - has very sharp little spikes and the sloes themselves are like tiny plums, covered in a pale blue bloom.

I hope that helps!

Liz said...

Ooh, yummy looking ice cream - must try it myself (maybe stem ginger).