Friday, 17 September 2010

My first

Now, before you get funny ideas about what I'm going to write about, let me reassure you! I'm talking about my first knitted scarf. I blogged about it here. Well that's just when I decided it was time to block it (a few months after it was actually completed!).

Let's face it, it was my first, and it was full of mistakes. But I loved it for what it was. Until now. You see, it didn't bother me at first that it was full of little mistakes, dropped stitches and the like. When I did it, I didn't have the confidence to undo a few rows, start again and make it perfect. I'd also decided to make it in this rib stitch which is silly really because it makes it look really narrow, when actually it can stretch width wise by a fair amount. All in all, like other firsts, it was alright, made me happy to start with, but then I found better! I am by no means an experienced knitted, but I can do so much better now than I could back then. Which is why I've taken the mahoosive decision to frog it. I know it 's a big step, but it's one I'm prepared to take. I'm thinking a hat and a little matching neck warmer. What do you reckon? The yarn is quite fine, but I had some leftover from the scarf, so I could do something half decent.

But but but nothing, NOTHING will be started before I finish Caerphilly! I've promised myself! Well apart from a little something that I want to include in my giveaway - don't forget to comment on Monday's post if you haven't already!!

Have a nice weekend xx


ana said...

Pulling things out and turning them into something else is a major part (joy?) of knitting. Go for it!

Hazel said...

Awww well done. It's really pretty. I love the colour. x

mooncalf said...

aww but all those little mistakes are just part of the handmade charm and first scarf experience. Are you sure you want to undo something like that?

If you must then I can't see why you wouldn't be able to knit a lovely neckwarmer with the yarn. But I'd keep it and wear it proudly because you made it and, to be honest, those little mistake aren't visible to anyone else....

Jill said...

Love the colour.

I've knit a few hats - dead easy. If I can do it, anybody can :0)

Are you feeling any better?


Monica said...

you're brave... I think it's lovely and the mistakes? YOU can see them because you know where they are... I wouldn't have noticed!