Friday, 24 September 2010

Friday food for thought

  • Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day. And although I love farls (with nutella? Heaven!), my favourite breakfast is by far smoked salmon and poached eggs with hollandaise sauce and a sliced muffin (the English type of course!)
  • My crotch hurts – sorry, that’s probably not you wanted to hear on a Friday morning, but I’m telling you, spinning isn’t all about happy sweating and thighs of steel (not that mine are anywhere near that stage – but I can safely say I’m no.1 contributor to the sweat production in that little studio)
  • I’m going to one of my local schools in a couple of weeks to hold a stand at a careers fair. I’m rather excited. I’ll be eating in the cantine and hanging out with the teachers. I feel like I’m 14 again.
  • Couple of birthdays coming up – I can’t make my mind up as to what cakes to make – I may have to make several things and let people in the office get fat. They're mostly blokes so they’ll love me for it anyway!
  • Last night's dinner was super lush. Give it a go, chicken with polenta (we swapped the chicken for turkey breasts and it was still super lush). Recipe from here.

  • And after that, I made little parcels of lushious peanut butter and chocolate chips. Recipe from here. Puffs all in my belly :-)

And because I know you need to see a little close up to convince you to make these babies (in no time I'd like to say and you only need puff pastry, peanut butter, chocolate chips, a little milk and granulated sugar) - you will thank me for it - ok maybe your thighs won't (what's with this thigh obsession today?!) but noone said you had to stuff it all down your gob in one go - just saying

  • edited to add: And Sue at the Quince Tree has received my little giveaway - well done Royal Mail for not loosing it!!

Happy Friday!! x


The Girl said...

I really want to try spinning! Now I've joined a new gym where classes are included in the price I'm going to try and do a class a week. I'm doing something called Pump next week which is very intriguing. But spinning is next on my list.

Good job those things are made with peanut butter which is the food of the devil or I might just have been tempted to bake them!

mooncalf said...

I'm covering my eyes from the peanut butter goodies - I am sure they are delish but I must not be tempted.

The chicken and polenta thingy - I'm totally there. I love bbcgoodfood. So many delicious simple recipes.

Diane said...

Breakfast is my favourite meal too - Just read your France post - How did I miss that!! Fabulous!!!!!

Hazel said...

Mmmmm yum. I always get stuck for breakfast ideas. x

Flitterbee said...

I like peanut butter and I like pastry, but I don't like chocolate. Will the parcels taste okay without them? Or what can I substitute? Jam, maybe...hmm...

I also like the farls idea and may indeed try that tooo! And the chicken. In fact, this post is one big bout of salivation...YUM!

Petit Filoux said...

Flitterbee - hi!!
You don't like chocolate??? I'm not sure what to say to that!
It would definitely taste fine without chocolate, and substituting it for some nice strawberry jam for example would be lush I'm sure!

little pink room said...

I"m hungry now!! They look delish. MMMmmm!

Maria♥ said...

I've heard mixed reviews about spinning and the damages it can cause, puts me off!

Those puffs look so good!!