Thursday, 2 September 2010

For all you cat lovers out there

We visited one of the most cat obsessed villages ever. Kinda cute and kinda creepy at the same time. Here's the story.

Back in 1338, in a small village in Gascogne called La Romieu lived a little girl called Angéline. Due to unfortunate circumstances (I'm sparing you the details here), Angéline ended up an orphan but was taken in by a neighbour who brought her up as one of her own. 1342 and the following two years were hard for the village. Winters were harsh and springs wet, which led to a critical lack of food. Villagers turned to the many cats living in the village and killed them to eat. Angéline's adoptive parents, knowing how much she loved cats, allowed her to keep a couple, as long as she made sure she hid them properly. After the villagers survived this famine, another problem hit them. With all the cats gone, the village had become infested with rats. By then, Angéline's cats had bred and she had about twenty hiding up in her attic. She decided to released them all into the wild. The rats subsequently disappeared and Angéline became a hero. It is said that as she grew older, she came to resemble a cat...

Freaked out? Well you know, it's a cute little story isn't it. The funny thing is, a local sculptor heard the legend and decided to make sculptures of cats and scatter them around the village. Here's a little montage of all those rather intriguing stone felines...

Now, this is where it actually gets funny. I spotted this cat on a window sill up high.

I made cute little noises at it. What was I thinking, was it going to come down jump on my face or something? Scroll down to have a look.

And a close up. Because I just can't resist.
It stuck its tongue out at me. It makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it.


The Girl said...

Oh my goodness. Best. village. ever.

Going over to France in a week and a bit (hello look at me booking things last minute!), I need to find out if this is ANYWHERE near where I'm going!

That cat is hilarious. What's wrong with its face?!

Em said...

Oh what a great story...and what lovely pictures too.
Those hairy screwed up faced cats are so ugly but I did giggle when I saw that ones tongue stuck out.
My cat often forgets to pull her tongue back in after she's washed herself and then gets incredibly offended when we laugh at her!
Em xx

The Curious Cat said...

I LOVE IT! I'm with the Girl - best village ever - except for the eating cats bit... so cool - I want to go!!!! xxx

Diane said...

I love the french because they are mental! I wouldnt be surprised if they didnt hold a festival at some stage in the year for Le Chats - eating and drinking as much as they can!! I sooo should be french! Great photos. Show me some more! xxx

Posy Linda said...

What an interesting place. That little smarty pants kitty sticking his tongue out at you is hilarious. Great story!

Simone said...

What an intriguing story and what a rude cat!!! x

Jill said...

What a freaky looking cat - It looks like it's been sucking on a lemon (or should that be, licking it's a*se).

I must admit that I was also just alittle freaked out when I saw the half cat/half girl sculpture too.


Maria♥ said...

Loved that story (apart from kitties being eaten) and what a great village!

That cat is a persian and what a cutie!


Ali said...

That cat has chased one too many parked cars.

Freaky village! In a good way, though.