Friday, 10 September 2010

Falling off the tree

I've meant to post about this for a while but just didn't get round to it. Remember last year there was a glut of cherry plums around my neck of the woods? Well, same thing again this year. Although I did have to be a little bit organised. Fruit seems to have come early this year, so I had to deal with the plums before going to France. No way was I letting this slip under my nose, I'd just started my last jar from the 2009 bounty! And you know what? It was dead simple.

All I had to do was shake some branches. It all came crashing down. All those little ripe cherry plums, begging to be taken home. I couldn't leave them to rot could I?! Everyone else seems to not care about them, second year in a row now and I'm still the only one picking them. So want to guess how many pots of jam I made with 2.6kg of stoned and halved cherry plums?

Ten would you believe it?! I know one's missing from that photo, it's already on the go in the fridge!


Jill said...

Wow - what a great bounty and I bet is scrummy too.

Have a great weekend.

Jill x

Ali said...

I love those little plums - just to eat! It was a good crop this year, wasn't it?

Diane said...

You are so very typically French - waste nothing when it comes to food. Its just one of the features of French people that I love. xxxx