Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Crochet update

You may remember I had great plans. Great great plans to crochet myself a garment. Don't remember? Check it out here.

Well, I don't know how to say this, but it hasn't really happened. I put up a really poor effort. 10points for organisation and getting the yarn in time, but -50 for actual crochet efforts. Boo. So there. All I have to show is the initial chain and the first row of double crochet (and no, you don't want to see that, really it's quite embarrassing). Guess it'll be a 2011 top. To be completely honest, I don't mind too much. It's not like we're having an Indian summer or anything. And in my defence (yes yes it's not my fault really!), I was rather foolish to think I'd do any kind of yarn related activity in the South of France. Like I've told you before, it reached 40 degrees on several occasions, and I'm not one to sit down with balls of yarn on my lap just for the sake of it. Or because I proudly announced I'd be making my first item of clothing this summer. I'm just not that pig headed. Because the title of my holiday in France could have been this: Grubby. Hot and sticky. Not a crochet friendly combination.

So now I've finished making excuses, I can go back to working on Caerphilly. I've finished linking all the "columns" together, now I just need to start on the "rows". The end is near and I'm so excited. Rowan Summer crochet will just have to wait a little longer!

ps remember to comment on Monday's post if you haven't already done so!!


mooncalf said...

Yep, my Rowan Summer Crochet plans are postponed to 2011 now. But we'll be there - hooks at the ready - oh yes!

Jennifer said...

Now you have a whole year, so much less pressure to finish. I'm working up the nerve to crochet a sweater for the fall/winter. I'm just slightly worried that it'll turn out all wonky as I'm a lefty and have not yet crocheted a garment.

The Girl said...

I have a million crochet plans that have been discarded or conveniently forgotten about. I just pretend they never even appeared in my head.

Lucky me though. Despite being in the south of France, my Dad's house is up the side of fricking valley and it got FREEZING in the evening so there was plenty of excuses to get the wool out.