Monday, 20 September 2010

Monday joy - for me and one lucky winner!

Good morning everyone!!! Oh what a beautiful Monday morning!! Isn't it just so nice, with a bit of sunshine and blue sky! Admittedly, it was rather dark this morning when I woke up, and bloody freezing too, so there's no doubt Autumn has well and truly started.

I'm happy today because I had a lovely weekend catching up with a great friend, Boyfriend and I made up after a rather unpleasant conversation, I slept like a baby, and I even went to the gym this morning. And best of all? I get to announce the winner of my little giveaway!! Ten of you left a comment on last Monday's post, so now it's time to pick a name! I've written all the names out on bits of paper, crumpled out said bits of paper, and mixed them in one hand (yeah sorry, no hat available, and I'm doing this at work so trying not to draw attention to what I'm up to!!).


the winner is.....

Sue at the Quince Tree!!!

Sue, can you please send me your address? (If you leave it in the comment section, I'll make sure I delete it so it doesn't get published.) Thanks to those of you who played along!

Right, I better get on with my work now!! Happy Monday xx


The Girl said...

I demand this competition is opened again!! How DARE you have a giveaway when I was out of the country. Some people are so SELFISH.


Look I've totally caught up on all your posts - mini cheer for me. Hurray!

Sue said...

Oh my goodness!! I won!I never win anything, so exciting. I'll send you my details asap.

Sue x

Jill said...

Well done Sue.

Hazel said...

Gorgeous!! Congrats Sue. x