Monday, 6 September 2010

Not there yet

Yes, I'm sorry, I haven't quite sorted out my French photos yet, so it'll be a couple more days before I can show you what I got up to on holiday (and at the same time convince you you have to go there too!). This weekend was a busy one. I'll save details for tomorrow, but what I can say now is that my jam cupboard (yes I have an official jam cupboard - well more of a cupboard section but still, it's big!) needed some rearranging. Things got a little crowded.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this. Isn't it cute? A present from my mum to boyfriend. A little random I know, but oh so very cute. Eggs never tasted so good ;-)

Happy Monday all! xx


The Girl said...

I've seen those little single egg pans - they're so cute. My Mum was a Wok for One which is brilliant, I love it although seriously, don't try and cook for two in a wok for one - it won't work!

(Hull isn't that far North! GOD. We're pretty much as far north as Manchester, just a teensy bit more northern. It's not like Newcastle or anything! And it's even sunny here today!)

Diane said...

I doubt I will need much convincing. xxx

mooncalf said...

That is cute. I saw them in Lakeland last time I was there. I love them and those little egg shapers that look like cookie cutters and make your egg heart-shaped.

H said...

cute little pan!