Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I love cake

Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was stuffing my face. Oh no wait there, that was only in the evening. No, I did indeed spend the day at work. What a miserable day it was, wasn’t it? So grey and drizzly, definitely the type of weather I hate the most. You know, the type that makes you want to slice your veins open. Anyway, enough about that. Back to the stuffing my face. The fun bit. We had leftover cake from the weekend you see. And I couldn’t take the risk of letting it go off, of course, you know me. So, want to know what we polished off nicely?

This lovely courgette and lemon cake (recipe here). I know what you’re thinking, eurgh, courgette in a cake!! You might even be like Boyfriend, a courgette hater. Well, I’m proud to say he is now converted. Probably not to having it as a side dish, but definitely in cakes. To be completely honest with you, I did make it in secret, hiding the courgette from him. And when everyone had a slice and announced it was indeed very good, I had most pleasure listening to them guess what they thought was the secret ingredient. (I’d like to point out for comedy value that we went through cucumber, green beans and spring onions – that doesn’t say much for the cake actually does it?! forget I ever mentionned that).

So yes, this cake has courgette in it. But as I’m sure you can imagine, it doesn’t taste of it. Instead, it tastes of lovely lemon, all that lemon zest and lemon juice. That lush lemon cream cheese icing. And of course, the piece de resistance, the lemon curd. How did I come to live life without ever making lemon curd? And not realising how utterly delicious it is? Someone should have given me a slap for this, I deserve it. Well I have now redeemed myself. I even put the leftovers in the freezer to be used at a later date, maybe when my mum next comes to visit we can enjoy it on some warm homemade scones. Mum, when are you coming?? (and no my mum doesn’t know about this blog!).

I made the lemon curd from a recipe in the River Cottage cookbook I have. It’s dead easy, although mine did take a lot longer to thicken than it said in the recipe. Although I was patient and stuck to it, I didn’t want to end up with lemon flavoured scrambled eggs after all. And all I can say is it was oh so worth it.

One word. Lush.


Sue said...

Courgette cake, beetroot cake, carrot cake -that three of your five a day already. Add a cup of coffee (made from beans) and a glass of wine (made from grapes) and that's five!

Oh, and don't forget the lemon in the lovely lmon curd. Yum.

Sue x

The Girl said...

AMAZING! I've been needing to try out one of these cakes for a long time now. I miss baking but it's not conducive to me losing weight because I get tempted to eat the produce. But this bad boy is brilliant.

I think I'll be like you though and won't tell people until after they've eaten it!

And I'll be buying my lemon curd form the supermarket because I'm supremely lazy.

Liz said...

That cake looks delicious. And making your own lemon curd is so worth it - the yellow gloop you can buy in the shops bears no comparison to the reall stuff.

Diane said...

My kids hate courgettes, and I am all for disguising food - so thanks for this - i'll be having a go. xxx

Lina said...

That looks lush indeed. I am reading this at breakfast time here and now I'm drooling over my keyboard...

clarabelle said...

Oh courgette cake - very intrigueing. We had carrot cake at the weekend! YUM. Lemon Curd is also on my list to make too - might have to give that recipe a go!

Maria♥ said...

Love the sound and look of this cake!


jane said...

Ooh that looks delicious- I've actually had courgette cake before, although it was chocolate courgette. but Nigel Slater has a recipe for courgette bread akin to banana bread that looks yummy. There's actually a whole book of healthy cakes with vegetables in them which I really want to buy....fingers crossed none of them have spring onions in though!