Friday, 3 September 2010

Moo moos

Anyone remember the elephants we had around London recently ? Well, a similar event was going in Bordeaux when we visited the place a couple of weeks ago now, right at the start of our holiday. Basically, if you're not familiar with the scheme, it consists of a whole number of decorated cow sculptures being scattered around town.

They are there for the enjoyment of the public, but more importantly to be sold at auction to raise funds for charitable activities, in the case of Bordeaux, la Banque Alimentaire de Bordeaux et de Gironde (the local/ regional food bank). Apparently there are 58 in total. We didn't start photographing those we saw for a while, so here is only a small selection to whet your appetite.

I generously receive all donations you may want to make to send me back there to make a full photographic record of all the cows. That's me, generous.


Jill said...

Violet and I have just had great fun looking at all those Moos. What fun.

Have a lovely weekend.
Jill x

Maria♥ said...

Cute moos ;o)


Diane said...

Fabulous!!! xxx

The Girl said...


It was in Manchester about 2004 and I did not fully appreciate how awesome it was and then I went to Prague for a holiday and there was one there too!

At the moment we have a similar thing going on in Hull at the moment, lots of toads all over the place to do with Phillip Larkin. I've been planning a post for ages and ages but wanted to capture all 40 toads first - I've finally done it, just need to get around to posting about it!