Friday, 18 March 2011

Arc-en-ciel: the end!

It all started here with photos of the yarn I was planning on using. And then I updated you on the state of Arc-en-ciel a few times I realise: here, here, here, here and here!!

Since then, I've finished it, and it's even got a nice border!! How about that?! Ok, maybe not the best in the world, but I reckon it looks cute and fits in the look of it. Basically colourful, pretty mental, childish perhaps, but definitely there to be used and enjoyed. It's 100% acrylic, so I hope it'll survive all sorts of mischief/ picnics in the parc/ camping in the cold.

It's been a long time coming really, it even came with me to Cambodia. Not that it got even touched at all in between the flight there and the flight back, but I certainly got a few looks at Siem Reap airport! What can I say, it may have been 30degrees + outside, but the air con always makes me feel cold! Perfect conditions for crochet I say!

So there, once again, thank you very much Attic 24 for the pattern for this ripple blanket, it was perfect! And I also adapted Attic's granny blanket edging for my edging too. All in all, a a sucess I reckon! Well, I hope you like it too obviously, but I'm just so pleased with it! I smile everytime I look at it, it's just so cheerful and happy :-)

So, I bet you'd like to see the finished article right?




Ta-dah!!!!! Isn't it cool? So happy and colourful!!!! (Yes slap me if I say those two words once more in this post!!)

And now for the precariously-standing-on-chair photo ;-)

So, for information purposes only, and if you like numbers like I do, enjoy Arc-en-ciel's vital statistics:

Vital statistics

Length: 165cm

Width: 85cm

Weight: 612g

Colours: 13

Stripes: 65

Waves: 10

Ends sewn in: 142

Estimated time: just under 50 hours

Price: practically free! I mostly used up yarn that I had in my stash, only bought a few more extras in France during a holiday last year, about 10euros worth.

Yarn used (number of times used) / origin:

  • red (5) / Yarn Red DK from Wilkinson
  • pink (6) / Yarnfair DK Pink colourway 737 from Wilkinson
  • coral (7) / Yarnfair DKCoral colourway 036 from Wilkinson
  • purple (7) / Bergere de France Bergerama Weigelia colourway 21158 from Toulouse, France
  • mauve (6) / unknown
  • shiny blue (5) / Impact de Phildar Myosotis colourway 026 from my nan
  • deep blue (6) / Yarnfair DK Dark Blue colourway 205/80 from Wilkinson
  • green (6) / Bergere de France Bergerama Majorque colourway 21153 from Toulouse, France
  • yellow (6) / Yarnfair DK Warm Yellow colourway 027 from Wilkinson
  • orange (6) / Bergere de France Bergerama Mineola colourway 21655 from Toulouse, France
  • light green (1) / Yarn Jade DK from Wilkinson
  • dull blue (2) / Bergere de France Bergerama Delft colourway 21566 from Toulouse, France
  • dark green (2) / Robin DK colourway 45 from Wilkinson

Totally love it! Another happy crafty project to make my flat feel more like a home :-)

ps: I'm yet to work out how to sort out my photo problem without actually having to go through all the photos and resize them, or just pay for more space... although at the moment I don't see another possibility.... which is why these photos are tiny - no more massive photos on Petit Filoux I'm afraid (the type that you could click on and would expand to the size of the universe pretty much). I'll let you know if I come up with an easy simple solution of course. Hopefully a quick one too!


wendz said...

Beautiful. Absolutely. If it were mine I'd keep going back to the room to take sneaky little peeps out of sheer pride and pleasure. :)

The Girl said...

Hurray!! So beautiful. And all the better for being a blanket made out of stash, all the more satisfying.

Now. What's next?!

Lucy said...

Worth the wait - it's brilliant! I love the frilly border and the fact that it was almost free is a total bonus!

I started joining my granny blanket last night and my enthusiasm for crochet is going into overload, wish there was some inconspicuous way I could do it at work but alas!

Pati from London said...

What a lovely blankie!! It put a smile on my face!! Well done!
x Pati

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous blanket and lovely new look for the blog too :)

Josie said...

Gorgeous! I so want to make a ripple blanket too...yours is lovely :-)

Heather said...

oooooooh it's SUPER! Lovely colours and it looks fab on your bed. Really satisfying to use up stash as well. I need to have a few months worth of stash busting I think, it's getting a little out of control.

Sue said...

Beautiful blanket. My head is full of new blanket ideas. Just waiting for the yarn to arrive.

julie said...

wow - it's gorgeous - so bright and cheerful and definitely good for a happy winter snuggle or for lounging on a summer picnic!

mooncalf said...

Lovely - and such an amazing stash buster!