Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Kampot pepper

If you can get hold of some Kampot pepper, do it. I'm telling you, do it. Well, only do it if you're a pepper lover like we are over at Petit Filoux. Life just wouldn't be the same without pepper. And chili. And doritos. I digress.

Kampot pepper. Comes in three types, as normal pepper does: black, white and red. We bought all three back from Cambodia and started on the white the other day. Not wanting to mix this royalty pepper with Tesco's finest, we used the rarely used pestle and mortar to grind it down.

It worked a treat mixed in with a little gravy (gravy granules work fine in my house!), over a sirloin steak, with parsley and garlic cubetti potatoes roasted in duck fat. Oh my god, did I just summarise my favourite meal ever? Yeah, I think it's clear to say we indulged over the past couple of weekends following 2 1/2 weeks of careful eating and meat avoiding. We made up for it. Several times over and all. Who's judging?! Not me dear readers, not me ;-)

Anyway, enough with the faff. Get your hands on some Kampot pepper. You will have a pepper revelation and your life will be changed forever. Sprinkled over scrambled eggs? Heaven on a plate. Ok ok, I'm done now, I promise, I'll stop talking about it. Someone take me away from this keyboard... But if any of you ever has the chance to get down to Cambodia, I'll be placing an order for more. Just saying. So you don't act all surprised or something.


Lucy said...

That meal sounds delicious, the potatoes especially! I love how the pepper looks all vacuum packed :)

potterjotter said...

I love pepper and will go and get some of this stuff immediately ... well soon. Great blog.

The Curious Cat said...

Can you get this pepper over here? I am a big pepper fan so very intrigued...xxx

Petit Filoux said...

Can't say I've looked for it in the shops yet... had a quick look on the internet the other day and prices were silly, so it might be more of a specialist thing, but for a special occasion it's definitely worth it