Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A little weekend sunshine

We did do more at the weekend than just sit in front of the television (watching The Promise), we did so much more indeed. I guess it was one of those weekends that leaves you feeling happy and exhausted, but rather happy to be going back to work for a little bit of peace and quiet! That kind of weekend. The super productive type.

Sunday saw us going to London to attend a talk at the Jewish Book Week, which was very interesting indeed. It also allowed us to wonder around Regents Street and Soho before most of the shops opened, which was truly lovely.


And a little wonder around Liberty's when it was open a little later, how can anyone resist?

We even managed to get home whilst the sun was still out, which was truly lovely. You know that feeling when you've done loads, but you still manage to get back to your comfy little home before it gets dark? Such a nice feeling, such a lovely weekend.


Diane said...

What a lovely jaunt. xxxx

Lucy said...

Sounds lovely - it's so nice to go back to work on Monday knowing that you haven't just slobbed about and wasted the weekend. LOVE Liberty!!

PinkCat said...

What a great weekend - made even better by the sight of sun I'm sure. x