Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Charity love

I find that in my neck of the woods, charity shops aren't that great. When I hear of what people find in theirs, I get a little bit jealous because mine tend to be filled with real worthless junk. And I won't even start on the ones near work, who just because they're in central London, feel they can seriously bump up their prices. Isn't the point of a charity shop that you can buy cheap stuff in it? £100 items have no place in there.

Anyway, there is one that has a special place in my heart. This particular one seems to get all the good stuff. A while back, I got a cool looking glass bottle and a porcelain thing that I use to hold my hair dryer, straighteners etc. I like to pop in every weekend if I have time, leaving Boyfriend on the door step as he's not one to enjoy stuffy little busy shops.

But last Saturday morning, we were out bright and early and I dragged him in. After this minor achievement, a miracle happened. We both spotted something that most definitely had our name written all over it. Want to see?

Three little red Le Creuset heart-shaped ramekins. I drool over anything by that brand at the best of times, but never allow myself to spend my hard-earned cash on it, it's just too expensive. But there they were, these little beauties, at 75p each. And guess what happened? They actually launched themselves onto the till, magically wrapped up in newspaper, paid for themselves of course, ran home, threw themselves in the sink to get a good clean, and then, they arranged themselves very neatly in the sunniest spot in the living room for me to take a photo. Honestly, you just wouldn't believe it would you?!

Another great charity shop find! Hooray!!


PinkCat said...

What an amazing find! I'm not surprised that you HAD to have them.
Enjoy using them. I have a feeling they'll be used on Valentine's Day for many years to come. x

Lucy said...

75p for Le Creuset?! Argh, not fair!!

The Curious Cat said...

I have to say that is one wicked find! I am a little jealous myself! Le creuset too! They are so pretty! xxx

The Girl said...

I always think that about charity shops near me too but I think what you need to do is keep returning and keep going in and then you're more likely to find awesome bargains like this and snap them up immediately!

Man that charity shop needs to work on their pricing if they're only selling le creuset for 75p!

Rubies and Tigers said...

Ooh good find! We have a huge oxfam near us that sells Ikea vases for about 7 times what you pay for them in Ikea! But no le creuset :(