Wednesday, 23 March 2011


That's what it's all about. I love being tidy, and even though I often get accused of being the one who makes the most mess in the flat (it's all for the love of crafting though), I feel that I'm quite tidy and organised compared to other people. Boyfriend's mum always marvels at the state of our cupboards, as in you can actually open them without anything falling on your head as you do so. And everything is neatly piled up inside. Oh how I like that word: neat. It's quite neat itself don't you think?

Anyway, what I was about to talk about today was organisation. Organisation of crafting supplies to be more precise. A while back, I purchased a load of embroidery thread, and it came in this ugly little box. I didn't find it user-friendly, it got messy as soon as you used some thread, and there's nothing that I find less conducive to creativity and crafty happiness than crafting supplies in a mess. You just don't want to touch them you know?

But recently, with embroidery getting a revival in several of your blogs (Mooncalf I'm looking at you here!), I have been itching to do some myself. But that just couldn't happen until the thread got a touch of the organisation magic wand. So I started by sorting it all out colour-wise, and then I got my trusty cereal cardboard boxes out and cut out H shapes. Lots of them. And I started wrapping up the thread around said Hs. Not a quick easy job I can tell you that. The spools of thread look rather tidy but there are quite a few knots in there. But I'm getting there, I'm thinking doing two or three a night would be a good rhythm. I can't wait to see it all finished, in a neat little box of some sort!!!

Neat = Petit Filoux happiness. Fact of life.


Sue said...

You are a woman after my own heart. It is very satisfying to find
practical, creative solutions for making life run a little more smoothly. Great idea.

PinkCat said...

A very clever idea. My threads are in an awful mess. I always give up looking every time I start a new project and buy more. I think I may have to copy you - I hope you don't mind! x

The Girl said...

There is a clever little winding gizmo machine you can use just for this very purpose you know. It's my all time favourite, in fact I was using it last night but had to stop because I'd run out of cardboard thingies - never occured to me to make some myself, I bought a pack ages ago, what a numpty, will start demolishing my cereal packets immediately!

Clare said...

Oh I hear you - all my threads are neatly wrapped around similar little H's, numbered and named with DMC or Anchor ref #'s (that sounds a little OCD). They are then all stored in a box with little compartments that hold about 5 - 6 H's each! Having started Cross Stitch again recently too (Mooncalf to blame here too for The Book) I do so love musing over the rainbow of colours to choose from!
Enjoy the revival!

mooncalf said...

***giggles evilly at the malevolence of her devious embroidery world domination plan!***

And envies the organisation.

I have not yet cracked the best ever embroidery thread organising strategy. I want a system that groups by colour and also allows you to find threads by number. And makes sure that despite having like 100 skeins of thread you're not always mysteriously missing nearly every single colour no matter what project you choose...

Ragged Roses said...

Wow! V impressed, v v impressed!

Lucy said...

Ahh lovely. There's something very theraputic about winding thread and things like that - I'm totally addicted to balling wool at the moment :D

Gosh that makes me sound such a saddo doesn't it?!