Monday, 28 March 2011

Pet Peeves

Hello everyone! How are you? Hope you had a nice weekend, a little more calm than mine! It was a little up and down to tell the truth, and topped up by a minor car accident yesterday afternoon (some prat reversed into us and he wasn’t even apologetic in the least), which meant our planned evening of curry followed by the theatre was somewhat jeopardised and we only had time for some poppadoms before the show…! Anyway, I was thinking about doing a post about little things that bug me last Friday, but then work got in the way – honestly, they think it’s ok to give me all this work with deadlines and everything – do they not understand the necessities of running a blog?!

So there, I’m up to it today. A list of things that I find irritating, mildly amusing, or that simply piss me off. Please add your own in the comments section!

  • Women (it’s only ever women sadly) who fail to remove shop price labels from underneath their shoes – it looks so tacky – I mean what, did you run out the shop wearing them and never had time to peal them off?! Bad bad bad fashion.
  • People who play music etc so loud through their earphones that you can hear Every. Single. Word. of what they’re listening to. Some idiot does that in the morning on a certain train I occasionally manage to catch and he loves listening to the news. Most irritating.
  • Trains that leave early. Yes yes, you read right, it happens!!! I think that might even be worse than arriving late. I mean how does that even happen? There’s a timetable in place, how about trying to stick to it?!
  • Ladies who don't turn the taps off completely in my office toilets and leave the taps dripping - I'm considering putting a sign up saying "close the frigging taps properly you wasteful beanheads!" - not sure it's appropriate for the workplace though, shame!
  • Nail polish that looks nice in the bottle but crap on your nails. Such a disappointment.
  • Women (now I’m not on one against women I promise!) with a dog/ a pram/ you name it, and think it is their absolute right to take over the whole pavement and don’t even say thank you when you walk out into the road to let them pass.
  • In the same way, people who don’t say thank you when you keep a door open for them. I must admit, I then usually say something like “You’re welcome!” quite loud to make them feel guilty/ snap them back into polite society – honestly.
  • Now maybe I’m showing my age, but teenagers who play music OUT LOUD from their phones I find extremely annoying. On train platforms, in the street… Ever heard of ear phones?! Perhaps ear phones have been declared one of the most un-cool things on the planet, I’m just not up to date.
  • Those text messages I get once in a while telling me I’m entitled to all this money for an accident I had recently. Hmmmm how do these crooks even get hold of my number?!
  • French websites – now, this is one thing that is definitely wrong with my home country. How about they try catching up with the rest of us and having decent websites, instead of really backward one which have photos overlapping with text, tiny little photos that don’t show anything, English translation buttons that inevitably take you back to a page all in French…
  • Bigger bags of food in the supermarket which actually turn out more expensive per weight than smaller bags – where’s the sense in that?!
  • Booking and admin fees - why don't they just include it in the ticket price then no one would feel cheated for having to pay extra to pay with a certain type of card or basically, to pay for what, stationnary?!
Right, I think that will do for today! I might add some more in the comments section if I think of anything else!!


PinkCat said...

Hope you are ok after your accident and not too shaken up.

I don't like those text messages either. I've never even had an accident. Grrr!

And the door thing. So rude!

I could go on and on...x

Lucy said...

It's probably best if I don't start a big rant but I'm totally with you on the shoe price stickers - even if they can't see it themselves SURELY they must have seen it on someone else and thought, as I did aged about 12, 'Ooh I'll never leave stickers on my shoes - you can really see it and it looks horrible!' and along the lines of admin fees - all the extra fees that come with booking a 'cheap' flight - yes of course I want to take luggage and check in!! Gah!

Hope you're not too shaken up by the accident :(

Diane said...

People with dogs who dont pick up!!! Thats my biggy! xxx

Petit Filoux said...

Got another one:

The way the news presenter on BBC breakfast have a good old natter in the mornings (especially Sian Williams and Bill Turnball), as if they were in their living room or something - this isn't Sky News or ITV!!! If I wanted pointless chat, I'd switch to another (commercial) channel thanks very much!

Petit Filoux said...

And another one:

People who leave their newspapers lying on the floor/ underneath seats on the train - pick up your own rubbish lazy people!!! I once saw a woman put a banana skin on the floor and I couldn't help but tell her she could find a bin at the entrance of the carriage - she looked rather sheepish!

Liz said...

Smokers who throw their butts on the ground at the bus stop. Just because it's a cigarette doesn't mean it's not litter!

There's nothing quite like a nice rant is there?

Ali said...

If I begin ranting, I may never stop!! Feeling better now it's off your chest? Bad news about the car crash - hope it's sorted out quickly.