Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Things that make me happy today

Knowing that a little painting from Cambodia has found a temporary home in England (temporary because it's not yet on a wall, but personally I think it rather enjoys leaning on our souvenir champagne bottles)

Remembering a recent meal that had travelled a long long way from Dubai a long long time ago (just under a year pretty much!)

Admiring a recent treat to myself - how many 26 year olds treat themselves with a new set of tea towels I wonder...!

Thinking back to my pancake orgy last week - pancakes with jam for breakfast 4 days in a row - I can't do anymore than that!

Feasting my eyes on all the flowers and blooms that surround us at the moment - if you see a woman with a silly grin on her face, looking up to a tree in bloom, say hello will you ;-)

What's making you happy today?


The Girl said...

That picture is lovely, I'm actually starting to come round to the idea of not hanging pictures at all and leaving them leaning in strategic places - I've seen it in a few places now and it can look pretty cool.

I'm coveting your tea towel muchly at the moment.

Things making me happy? Hard to say as the fog is pressed up against my window at the moment. But I am pretty pleased at discovering a ring that didn't used to fit me but now does - turns out I've lost weight from my fingers, who knew?!

Clare said...

Hmmm the fact that after two days of grey drizzle the SUN has come out again...and my little daffs are showing their heads finally!
The little Snakes Head Fritillary that I found in the garden this morning.
The fact that in 22 days I will be in PARIS!
That is what is making me happy!

PinkCat said...

You're not alone - I do have a bit of a thing about buying cute tea towels. Drying up is such a chore, at least it's nice to have something pretty to do it with.

What is making me happy today? The thought of the weekend and a trip to the ballet. x

Lucy said...

Ahh sweet simple pleasures! I have just run for ten whole minutes without stopping and got my breath back within about a minute and a half. Great North Run just six months away now so that little achievement makes me very happy indeed! xx

Monica said...

I finally sat at my sewing machine after a couple of weeks break... it feels pretty good!!

Heather said...

rather lame but I'm happy because I've been to the dentist for the first time in 5 years! I am really looking forward to getting my filling re-done so that I can eat on both sides of my mouth again.