Monday, 1 February 2010

Landmark birthdays

Not mine, but two people in Boyfriend's family. Two ladies reaching an amazing birthday. Both are turning 90 this week. How brilliant is that?! So I made a couple of birthday cards... I had to put this secret project of mine I'm working on at the moment to the side and pick up my scissors and glue...

I've made cards using beads in the past and I love it. Although it does take a bit of time and effort, I think it's worth it, they make it look so much nicer. And this one below, well I guess I got a little glitter happy, but who can blame me?! The foam makes it fun too, I was pleased with this one as well. What do you reckon?

Happy February to you all, I hope you're still on track with your New Year's resolutions and have enjoyed 2010 so far! xx



Wow!(0 congratulation to them both. Cards look lovely. I always think I'll make my own and then get sidetracked! But this year i make just make the challenge. Kx

Doris said...

Fantastic cards - they will mean so much more than normal shop-bought ones as you've put so much time and effort into them. Happy Birthday to them both!!

The Girl said...

Well done to those ladies!! They'll love getting a special card that's just for them.

And you got to play with your glitter so it's fun all round!!

I've been uber organised so far this year. I've made a list of all the birthdays/anniversarys coming up in February and have got my needle, thread and aida on the go. I'm hoping that by being organised I'll stand a chance of actually getting around to making people cards!

Jennifer said...

They look beautiful and will be treasured. What a great age to reach, so many things to learn from women like this.