Saturday, 13 February 2010

Bloggy awards

I can't believe it, this week I've been awarded two awards!! Yes, two!!!! I'd received both of them, the Sunshine Award and the Happy 101, before, but it doesn't matter you know, I was picked by two lovely bloggy people and that makes me VERY happy indeed. Honestly, thank you so much Maddi and Maria!!!

Happy 101 involves listing 10 things that make you happy. I've done this once before, so this time around, I'm going to try and make it short and sweet!!

  1. my ECCO boots - I'll say it loud and proud, I love my ECCO boots, they're so comfy!!! (well they were until a couple of days ago, don't know what's going on, not too happy about these after all! maybe it's because I've worn them every day since I bought them before xmas! anyway, I digress!)
  2. my red beret which makes people smile at me in the street - I know they're probably laughing at me really but I'm waiting (honest) for someone to say something so that I can yell back at them "well if French people can't wear berets then who can?!" (interspersed with an adequate number of swear words of course)
  3. cheese (sorry, there had to be food in this list) - even just a little chunk of mature cheddar, and there you got it, absolute ecstasy! brie, goat's cheese, manchego, you name it I looooove it
  4. walking up at 2.30am to go to the toilet, only to realise that I still have 3.5hours of sleep left (rather than waking up at 5.45 thinking it's the middle of the night)
  5. having Nesquick the French way - please don't wince, this is nice ok? - sprinkled on toasted buttered toast - it melts, tastes chocolatey, feels less fatty than nutella - honestly, don't diss it till you try it
  6. the dinner which we're planning on having tonight: tournedos rossini (fillet steak with foie gras sauce) with wonderful beef from the butcher
  7. watchin TV at the moment - Eastenders, Survivors, Nurse Jackie - love 'em all
  8. crafty things I've ordered on the internet as a present from me - to me!!! three things I'm waiting to come through the post, I feel de-ca-dent!!
  9. going to gym classes regularly - talk about feeling proud of oneself!! (I won't mention the cookies and brownies I had yesterday - didn't want to be rude, it was someone's birthday alright?!)
  10. your support - don't want to sound cheesy but you people have been amazing recently - not just recently, you know what I mean - but your comments mean so much to me
Hope you're having a lovely day xx


Heather said...

ooh get you with all your awards!
I have a red beret but I don't have a beret friendly face so sadly it remains unworn. I admire them on other people though, and wish that my head suited berets!

Jennifer said...

I'm right there with you on the cheese. One of the many reasons I want to return to England.

Diane said...

I'm with you on most of your 10 things, but not the Gym - I think I am allergic to the Gym - too much of other peoples sweat flying around!! I'm not a soap fan either I'm a big cheese lover though. I bet you look sooooo French in your Raspberry Beret!! xxx