Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A bit of the sea in my bedroom

It seems that I'm asking you to do a lot of remembering this week. First the secret project, then the blackberry brandy. Well I'm going to call on your fantastic brain power once more and show what other crafty project I finished this weekend. Last year around October time, we went on holiday to Norfolk for a week. We had a lovely time and I came back with pockets full of sea shells. I can't help myself, that's just how it is. I'd put some of the shells to good use pretty much straight away and I've enjoyed looking at them every day since. But I had lots leftover and had an idea that took some time to implement. I needed the right tools and it wasn't an easy task to get it all together. A deep frame, nails, a hammer, some varnish. The whole shabang.

It all started with painting all the shells with some varnish. Not really shiny tacky varnish, but just enough to make all their natural colours stand out (those that come out when the shells are wet which are the very reason why you pick them in the first place!).

And then the assembling took place. No photos of the in-between stages, and that for your own benefit. Because it was punctuated by numerous bouts of swearing. Not pretty I'm afraid. It just wasn't all going according to plan. It's still far from perfect, but from a distance, it's fine. It'll do. Now I know that's not the attitude I usually take, I like things to be perfect blablabla, but this time, it was best for my sanity that I put it aside. I can take it apart some other time, when I really have nothing better to do. One day.

Until then, it's adorning one of our bedroom walls. And I like it. Now I'd like to give out a big Thank You to Boyfriend for letting me loose with my paints and crazy ideas and letting me explore my creativity to the full!!

(Sorry about the mediocre photos, it's so difficult to photograph something which is covered in glass!)

Happy Wednesday all! [As The Girl says, it's hump day after all. Doesn't quite do it for me though. It think it's a close battle with Tuesdays as to which one's the worse!]


The Girl said...

Oh my god that's so lovely! I'm the same, I go to a beach and feel an urge to pick up and keep every sea shell I come across.

You're a clever bunny.

Hurrah for Hump Day! Come on - it's all downhill (but in a good way!) from now on in!

Heather said...

Very nice! I love seashells and you're right, they look so pretty when they're wet and you pick them up and they definitely lose something when they dry.

Jennifer said...

I think it looks great, well done. Now you will have such wonderful memories every time you see them hanging on your wall.

Liz said...

Actually Wednesday is my favourite non-weekend day, but that's mostly because it's my knitting night!

The Garden Bell said...

Love it. I'm collecting shells this trip for sure. And now, I know what to do with them.

Kate - The Garden Bell