Friday, 15 January 2010

10 things about me

Well not quite. More like 10 things that make me happy. Kind of similar. You get the idea!! And why would I make that list? Well I've been given an award!!! My first ever!!!! Thank you The Girl!!!!

I've thought about this for a little bit now (like literally, a few minutes!), and I've decided I'm not good at making lists like that, that involve a lot of thinking. No problem making lists of things to do, and people to call, and shopping lists, but 10 things that make me happy....  So you know what, I'm going to give it a go right now. To stop all this thinking that's driving me mad!! And see what comes out. So, in no particular order:

  1. Knitting - I love you and you make me happy - I love all your yarny goodness, although I'm not too sure what to make of that pain you occasionally give me in my finger joints when I go on knitting marathons... obviously not a good one! But regardless, I can't see my life from now on without you.
  2. Boyfriend - don't want to sound all mushy, but you do make me happy - thank you!! And as much as you sometimes think we argue and disagree and I moan and have a temper and I get moody , I love you. You make me happy. I hope I make you happy too x
  3. Crisps - had to steal this from The Girl I'm afraid. A life without crisps is not worth living. Well actually, I curse the person who ever invented crisps. They could have at least invented crisps that don't make you fat. Like you could eat a whole family size packet and not feel guilty. Or fat. Honestly, is that too much to ask?! And if you really want to know, my favourites are Salt and Vinegar McCoys and Salt and Vinegar Discos. A-ny-time. Like now maybe? No, never before 12 ;-)
  4. Walking - long walks in the countryside. It clears your mind, you get to enjoy magnificient landscapes, discover new places, watch some wildlife, and feel terribly lucky that you can enjoy all these things.
  5. Animals - dogs, cats, love them all. I go completely mushy when I see any, and always, always try and call cats over when I see one in the street. Can't help myself. And get a little hurt if they're more busy doing something else!
  6. Food - I don't want to sound like I'm really sad here, but yes, I put my hands up, I love food. Life would be rubbish without lush food. And hey, don't think I'm a pig ok?! I'm just gourmande. I also very much enjoy feeding people. And by that I don't mean force feeding them (!), but rather watching the enjoyment they get out of food lovingly prepared for them. Food brings people together.
  7. Dancing - don't get to do it so much these days, I think my clubbing days might be behind me really, but I love a good boogie! May it be in the living room, or even in the street (much to the despair of Boyfriend!), I do honestly love to move my backside around. And goodness knows there's a lot to move! ;-)
  8. Friends - I've never been in a situation where all my friends have lived within 10min of my house. Not even as a kid. And these days, it's even worse. They're all scattered around the country, and some are abroad too. It means we don't get to see each other often, and at times it can be hard to stay in touch. But it's all worth it. Life without friends can't be much fun.
  9. Talking. Now, this may be a bit of an odd one to put here, but I'm sure Boyfriend will agree with me, I LOVE talking. And I mean talking, like talking for ever, non stop, a continuous dribble of information and commentary. That's me. Honestly, I can't help it. Don't be angry.
  10. Watson's jumper. All you need to know is that it's a fleece. A really nice, big, warm fleece. Not remotely attractive. It's even got a cigarette burn in it (no idea how it got there). And if I could, I'd live it in permanently. It's that warm (I can't stand being cold) It's not mine though. And it's not Boyfriend's. But you know what, it's too long a story to tell you here!
Well, I made it! Never thought I'd get there, I can tell you it really wasn't easy!! And I realised coming to the end (before the jumper bit), that it might be getting a little too serious perhaps? But anyway, there was my list of 10 things that make me happy!!

If I could add a no.11 to that, it would be this...

The colours haven't come out great, the buttons are actually a nice pink, orange and mauve. I hope they enjoy their trip via the Royal Mail and find a happy home on the other side!! Happy Friday everyone x


A Thrifty Mrs said...

This post made me smile.

The Girl said...

Hurray for crisps!! What would we do without them?

Probably be a lot thinner.

I think a post is required about Watsons Jumper. If you write that one I'll write about confronting the bloke in my Mum's house naked.(I'm such a bargainer!)

And I very much hope they enjoy their trip via Royal Mail!!

The Garden Bell said...

I'm thinking crisps are what we call CHIPS.. If, so, I'm in.. Love this list of things we did know. What a fun idea.

Jennifer said...

Great idea to do a list, I really should do one sometime soon. Love the wrist warmers.

Petit Filoux said...

Garden Bell, US chips are UK crisps indeed! the world would be a sad place without them!

bibliophile said...

Are those wristwarmers? They are fantastic! Do you have a pattern for them?

Petit Filoux said...

Bibliophile, yes they are!! If you're on Ravelry, you can find them under my designs, and my username is PetitFiloux! Otherwise, here is the pattern x