Friday, 19 August 2011

What were you doing last night?

Sounds like a dodgy horror movie doesn't it? Well after we'd a few hours of torrential rain yesterday evening, I went out in the garden armed with a plastic bag in lieu of a bucket, and another plastic bag in lieu of a glove. Hey, you work with what you've got, right?

No no I didn't go and pick flowers, I'm not that bonkers. Well actually you may decide that's debatable, because I did go on a snail hunt. I feel rather strongly about anything slimy (I blame these little buggers) so I couldn't leave them wondering around the garden knowing the amount of damage they can cause to my beautiful plants.

So I picked. And picked. And picked. And half an hour later, let's just say my bag was rather heavy. First major positive. First implies second? Yep yep. I found a casualty of the torrential downpours, a beautiful pink and most fragrant rose.

ps you'll be glad to know the snails didn't come to any harm and were gracefully dumped at the back of the green on the other side of the road.


PinkCatJo said...

That's dedication to horticulture!

We seem to keep bringing in tiny baby slugs on our shoes. Yuck! x

Toffeeapple said...

Gosh, you were brave, I would have had to use thick gloves. Did you find any slugs?

Ali said...

Not chucked into the neighbour's garden then? ;)

Lucy said...

Oh thank god, for a horrible moment I thought you were going to cook them!

Lucy said...

Not that I'm stereotyping the French!

Lucy said...

You ARE French, aren't you?! :S