Thursday, 11 August 2011

And back again

  • It's been totally hectic here. I feel like I've been swirled around, bashed against walls, dropped off for a second, and off I am again. Only this is it for a while. Busy work and busy weekends aren't making for a quiet time to look forward to though, so I'm trying to calm down and take it all in while I have a spare second.
  • The Petit Filoux household spent a few relaxing days in France. Some were more relaxing than others actually, and some were definitely much greyer and wetter than others. But we still tried to make the most of it; I had so much food I felt like a dumpling.
  • We are getting a new, albeit temporary, member of the family tonight. More on this later. Let's just say it's a he, with four legs, a small appetite and a need for two walks every day. When he's not feeling lazy.
  • We need to decide on new carpets for the bedrooms. I'm definitely part of the wooden floor boards family, but Mr Petit Filoux is most definitely a carpet man. So we compromise. Wooden floor boards downstairs, carpets upstairs. Now we just need to make our minds up. The selection is ridiculous. Who knew there were so many different types of carpet out there?!
  • I'm struggling to get back in the blogging routine. Taking photos, downloading them, writing posts, it all takes some time! I know I've said that before, but it's true, living in a new house makes things a little complicated. Things aren't where they should be, the to-do list grows bigger each day... you know the drill, it's just life I guess!
  • I'm trying to loose some weight. Broken record? Kind of. Only this time I hope to be serious about it. I look back and see a succession of half hearted attempts which all start with good intentions but fall down the drain as soon as I get peckish/ anxious/ stressed/ down right hungry. Like right now. Someone lock me in a room and throw away the key. And feed me healthy food at regular intervals. Please?


PinkCatJo said...

Enjoy lots of relaxation time. You need it after a busy period moving house. We'll all be here when you're back in routine again! x

Lucy said...

I'm just catching up after a week in France and I too feel like a dumpling! Very good description! xxx