Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Music in the park

I'm well aware we are now in August and it's absolutely baking. But let's not forget what July was like hey? Anyone notice the weather?! At times it felt like autumn. Not a good feeling when summer should really be in full swing.

The Killers at Hyde Park

So even though a couple of concert were eagerly planned and booked - surely an outdoor event in July will be alright? - we enjoyed a good few hours in the rain. On two occasions. The first time, we weren't very well prepared and got home soaked through and through and shivering to the bone. The second time we actually checked the weather forecast and donned our wellies. And carried a couple of umbrellas too. We just didn't want to look out of place.

Elton John at Hatfield House

It's funny how easily one forgets how utterly rubbish the weather was only a few weeks ago when the sun is now firmly in place and warming our hearts and skins? (I know, rather poetic don't you think?! I'm making the most of it, you know it won't last!)

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Lucy said...

Ooh it really annoys me when people put brollies up at festivals, but that said, it does look like an anorak just wouldn't cut it in that second pic! Lucky you seeing Elton too (how uncool am I, preferring him to the Killers?) xxx