Friday, 31 December 2010

Made with love

I made this present for a friend a while back now, but couldn't share it with you in case she had a look at this little blog. I didn't want to spoil the surprise now did I?!

As always with the felt hoop work I've done to date, I got my inspiration from the wonderfully talented Melissa at Checkout Girl. I adapted it for my friend, who is in the process of moving homes. I know how distressing it can be at times, you feel lost and don't know where anything is. Box no. 2 or box no. 58??!!!

So I wanted to give her a little something that would help her settle down and remember what's really important. Not where you are and what objects you have at hand, but rather who you're with and where you're heading.

Practical details: 100% felt bought online, Irish linen bought in Dubai (I know, I KNOW!!!), embroidery floss, superglue, cardboard for practice, fabric scissors - that's all you need! That and a lot of love and patience!


Lucy said...

I love it! So simple and yet so effective, wish I had a friend like you! x

The Girl said...

That's so nice! It's beautiful, would never have thought of doing something like that - one to store in the memory bank!

Monica said...

the sweetest thing!!!

The Curious Cat said...

awww it is so sweet! :) xxx

Melissa Crowe said...

It looks fantastic!