Monday, 13 December 2010

Busy busy busy!!

Hello everyone!! Well, a very quick hello before I shoot off to France for a day! Honestly, life feels a little frantic around these parts!!! But the weekend was very nice, very productive, I hope yours was too!! The Christmas tree is up, and I'm in love with it. We were uhming and arhing about whether we should get one at all this year, since I'll be going back to France and Boyfriend will be going to his parents', but we couldn't resist our little market seller. We get it there every year and have never been disappointed. The tree is exactly the right size for our little flat, not too bushy, so it doesn't take over the living room. Simply adorable.

The Christmas present wrapping station is up. All the ribbons, papers and gift tags are out, with sellotape and scissors handy. What more could you want?

And some last minute (?!) Christmas crafting has just been started... 12 days and counting... wish me luck!!

Happy Monday all xx


Lucy said...

Oh I love that reindeer paper! And can't wait to see what you're making! xx

Ali said...

Usually we fail at the 'not too bushy' hurdle and spend the whole of Christmas squeezing past the tree. Luckily (?) this year they were so expensive, we got a smaller one than normal and can now eat as much as we like and still fit down the hallway past it!