Wednesday, 8 December 2010

More snow? Not really

Hello hello hello!!! Oh goodness, what a palaver!!! I've been meaning to come here for a couple of days now, but life work has just got in the way!!! Honestly, why is it I have to earn a living again?! Listen to this, I was working outdoors yesterday. That meant I was wearing, from top to bottom:
  • a thermal hat with ear flaps
  • a thermal balaclava
  • a thermal top, followed by a turtle-neck top and then a turtle-neck jumper, and finally my wind-proof jacket
  • thermal trousers and then normal cotton trousers on top
  • three pairs of socks
  • two pairs of gloves
And you know what? I was rather toasty inside! So lush, even if it did make me look like a member of the IRA according to my mum!! Either that or a Basque separatist... hmmm not sure which one I prefer!

Anyway, so I was out all day, then had computer troubles at work today. And I couldn't really tell them it was urgent because my blog needed updating could I?! But here I am, and I'm so relieved! I have so many things I want to show you, tell you about, but with this rubbish light total darkness I live in when I get home, good photos are hard to come by! And I'm not proving to be very organised at the weekends, so we'll have to make do won't we?!

You've probably guessed what I wanted to tell you about today, after reading the post title and, well, all those photos! Paper snow flakes.... fill me with joy!!! We live in a small flat, so we have four windows to our name. And guess what, all four windows are presently covered in snow flakes! Actually, "covered" gives out the wrong image doesn't it? I think "tastefully arranged" might be better ;-)

I love the way the street light makes lovely reflections on our bedroom walls at the moment through those snow flakes, I'll try and capture it on camera. It really looks rather dreamy and magical.

But until then, I hope I've made your world a little dreamy too. I can't recommend paper snowflakes highly enough. You won't believe what a difference it makes; even if you're looking out onto grey skies, it can only fill your heart with joy and anticipation. Not that you should get more snow, thanks very much, but at the festive season which is upon us. Let's enjoy it while it lasts!!


The Girl said...

I haven't made paper snowflakes in years! Might have to nick some white paper from the photocopier in work and wield some scissors about when I get home!

Petit Filoux said...

Hmmm I may or may not have done exactly that myself... No comment!

Jill said...

Naughty ladies - nicking paper from work - I never did that .

I love the snowflake in your first photo. And, your second one reminds me of stained glass windows. Have you thought about sticking coloured tissue paper behind some of your snowflakes? How amazing would that look reflected on your walls?

Keep warm and toasty
Jill x

Jennifer said...

Sounds like quite the adventure, at least you were warm. Very pretty snowflakes, we haven't done ours yet, I need to get the kids sorted out with paper and scissors, that should keep them busy for a while.

Heather said...

I taught some people at my new work how to make snowflakes last week. They didn't know how to make them! Can you believe that? I was a bit shocked. The whole building (I work at the HO) is having a christmas decorations competition next week and I have been allowed to cover our bit of the office in snowflakes. Strung on yarn. I say allowed, I really mean that I pestered. In hindsight I should have waited a little longer than my fifth week of employment to do this as now they all think I'm some paper snowflake obsessed person, and queried whether they should remove my scissors.

Lucy said...

These are lovely - very intricate! xx

Monica said...

I love those snowflakes!!

(you work outside???? in this weather???)