Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Glasgow goodies

Ergh, yeah Petit Filoux, wasn't that, like, over three weeks ago? Hmmm well nearly, but better late than never I say! I wanted to show you what I brought back from the Country Living Christmas Fair that was held in Glasgow, because I'm just so chuffed with it!!

First, there's the lovely lovely (French? oops) fabric. I'm starting to become a sucker for fabric, and I don't even have a sewing machine yet (see the "yet" - it's only a matter of time! Oh, and space of course).

I love it, love all the colours, and it didn't cost much at all. Not sure what I'll be making with it yet, maybe some bunting, maybe some colourful lavender pouches.

Then, I got this little beauty. Again, it didn't cost much at all, much less than what I'd seen in the shops basically. So even though it meant I had to leave it with my friend and wait for her to bring it down to London on the train last week (couldn't take the risk of being told to put it in the bin by stupid airport security people), I bought it. And I love it :-) The pot pourri mix in it came from the fair too. It smells of Christmas I tell you, it's great!!

Finally, the pièce de résistance. The Wool. Not any wool though. This one is wool, angora and silk. It's soft baby. I've rolled up the skeins and just left it there for the moment. Again, I'm not too sure what I'll be making with it, but it was too beautiful not to buy.

Yum, it's lo-ve-ly!


Lucy said...

Ooh that fabric looks perfect for bunting! Ahh, fabric lust! xx

Jill said...

That beautiful fabric is right up my street - very colourful and I love stripes.
And, don't even get me started on the wool - it looks sooooo soft. It'd make a lovely cabled cushion cover.

Diane said...


Hot Pink Dahlia said...

I love the fabric..where do you shop for it?

Louise said...

I love the colourful fabric and I just adore the cake/fruit stand thing!! Please, please, please could you give tell me the manufacturer/shop where I could purchase one for myself?!!

It looks fab filled with the seasonal pot pourri


Petit Filoux said...

@ Hot Pink Dahlia and Louise - I'm so sorry, but I don't have any idea what the names of the shops were!!! When I've got a bit more time I'll try and have a look at the fair website if it's still up and see if I can remember... but I'm not in front of the computer much at the moment so it'll have to wait a few days!

Louise said...

ok, well don't worry. I'm sure with a bit of googling I can find it, or something similar!