Saturday, 27 November 2010

A little something sweet

And healthy perhaps? Nothing majorly new, no great discovery, but a little something which will make your kitchen smell gorgeous. Only a little swist on a good old loved classic.

The original recipe? Attic 24's oaty biscuits. My first version? Find it here. The latest changes? Adding a mashed banana and two heaped tablespoons of cocoa powder with the dry ingredients (forget the sultanas/ chocolate chips this time).

The result? Yummy!! The banana adds a really nice texture, it really makes the cookies extra soft in the middle. Although if you have a sweet tooth, you might want to add a couple more spoons of sugar. Happy eating! :-)


Diane said...

Ive got a couple of bananas that need to be cooked - I shall have a go at these later this morning. xxxx

Taz said...

They look lovely but I can't have them :( I've lost 15lbs since Aug and need to lose another 15lbs to get my gall bladder surgery. Don't worry though I'm giving myself Xmas off so I just might give these yummy looking things a whirl then ;)

The Girl said...

Man these look so good! I'm looking at the apple on my desk that I've got for later and I'm afraid it's just not cutting the mustard.