Thursday, 25 November 2010

Festive start

You gotta start somewhere right? Well, I'm doing it slowly, one little tiny step at a time. The advent calendar is on its way, one present is done, another is nearly there. But the other night, I realised I was missing something crucial: christmassy gift tags. I made plenty a while back, but obviously not with a Christmas twist.

So off I went and rescued a magazine from the recycling bin,

Found some recycled tags I'd started making some time ago,

And put the two together!! Sorry for the slightly fuzzy photo, I was catching the first light of day! And I'd just come back from spinning, so I guess I was a little unstable on my feet still. Pumping super loud music at 7am is still something I'm trying to get used to. Anyway, want to see my favourite one? It's just so cute!!!

Now the problem with having a favourite one is deciding who I'll give it to... Maybe Boyfriend, so I get to see it until Christmas day at least!!


Jill said...

OMG - they're fab. You've made such a good job of them.

But, I need to know everything about that fantastic penguin. What is it? Where is it from? And, how much is it? I've just got to have it!

Have a lovely day.

Jill x

Petit Filoux said...

Hihi!! I think it's a jar of some sort? To be honest, I can't remember and I've thrown the magazine in the recycling bin now so I can't check! It's an M&S gift guide though, so I'm sure you can find it easily!

Jill said...

Well it's fab, so I'm off to check out M&S website to see if I can find it.

Diane said...

Great idea - I shall have a go! xxxxxx

Liz said...

Oh so cute. I must try to get around to making my own festive tags!

Louise said...

What a good idea, they look great :)

I've had a quick look at your blog and enjoyed what I have seen so far, so have become a follower.


Simone said...

I love these tags! I may have to copy the idea for friends and family! The penguin is defintely my favourite!

*✿* millie meadowsweet *✿* said...

i've followed the link from simone's blog. this is such a fab idea!

seasonal greetings x