Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Weekend shenanigans

Last weekend was a little odd. Lovely sunshine, plenty plenty of fantastic light pouring into the flat. Lots and lots of time to enjoy crafty activities, in between bouts of tidying up. Oh yes, it's been such a mess recently, and the boiler conking up hasn't helped either (no hot water = no washing up!).

There were good times and bad times. Not so good times wondering whether it would be just me at the end of the day but discussions were had, and we've moved on. Good times of walking in the countryside, realising that we're too late for the sweet chestnuts we'd spotted a few weeks back, and having a nice relaxing time watching old movies back to back. Ah life, keeps you on your toes doesn't it?!

These flowers were bought last week from the supermarket while doing our weekly shopping. We'd just come back from Norfolk and thought we could do with a little colour in the flat. I must say, I have no idea what they are, but they are definitely up there in my favourite flower category. What really gets me going is the colour, totally absolutely amazingly stunning, don't you think? And the way they're so perfectly formed, small but so elaborate. Just too cute for words.


Ana said...

They're carnations, but whether you get this colour in real life or not i don't know. You can dye carnation flowers by putting ink in their water - perhaps that's what someone did. anyway, they're certainly very orange!

Jill said...

I don't know if I like the sound of your 'wondering whether it would be just me' comment. I sincerely hope that things have sorted themselves out.

Your spray carnations look 'au naturale' to me - and very pretty to boot :0)

I saw your pebble photo from an earlier post, and would you believe I took one, nearly identical, whilst we were on holiday.

Keep smiling :0)
Jill x

The Curious Cat said...

Oh dear! Hope things are okay...life can be very up and down at times - all part of the joy of it. Hope you are okay! I want to say the flowers are carnations but might have that wrong...will google...one min... well they certainly look like them...! xxx

jane said...

pretty flowers (yep i agree, carnations) and i love the vase and tile underneath. love blue and white at the moment!

sorry about the bad times. hoping things are on the up again now.