Thursday, 11 November 2010

Short interruption

Interruption to the crafting schedule dear readers. My to-do-list is about the length of my arm, my ironing pile is the size of a mountain and evening light is basically non-existent.

I'm thinking of old crafting projects that need to be started and finished, possibly Christmas presents to make, exciting advent calendars to put together, and sadly rooms that need to be cleaned top to bottom, a tent that needs to be dried out somehow, and floors to be hoovered and mopped.

Good times.

Can I please please get 30 hour days for the next week or so? I'd be eternally grateful.


Monica said...

if you manage to extend you yours please let me know how

Jennifer said...

I feel your pain, there just is never quite enough time is there? Don't forget to breathe and take a break every once in a while. It helps to recharge your batteries and then I always seem to do things a bit quicker after.

michelle said...

Hello Petit Filoux:)

The needles I used were size 25!!!

Really funny knitting with them. I also use 10 yarns at a time!!

I know what you mean about the time!

I think we should all demonstrate to demand a 48 hour day:)
Michelle x