Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Crafty Glasgee

Hello hello!!! Well, you might be wondering where I disappeared the last few days, and guess what, I've been indulging in some serious crafty Scottish goodness. I went up to Glasgow to see one of my best friends, and as she loves all things crafty as much as me, we thought it would be a great idea to go to the Country Living Christmas Fair. So yes, not exactly a craft fair as such, but definitely a place to get inspiration, a few presents and a heart full of excitement. And an overwhelming desire to give up work and start crafting NOW!!!! But yeah, that might have to wait just a little longer!

Glasgow didn't disappoint, with its grand architecture, crisp mornings and quirky shops. We had a lovely time just walking around, taking it all in. I always feel a little funny getting my camera out in such 'un-touristy' places, but really, it's just so nice to have a reminder of good times past. And if that means getting my camera out in places where people least expect it, then so be it!

What I really enjoyed was walking through this park. Can't remember its name, but we walked through it to get to the fair. The sun was shining, squirrels were running around to their hearts' content, ducks were enjoying the little ponds, and herons were simply chilling out in the warmth.

Walking along the Kelvin river was pretty special too. You'd never have known you were two minutes walk from the bustling centre. How truly, truly relaxing.

All in all, a lovely weekend. But you'll have to wait a little longer to see what I brought back, the light is just so terribly rubbish at the moment, everything looks yellow!


Jill said...

Glasgow looks really pretty - I've never been.
Look forward to seeing your purchases - I'm dead nosey like that :0)

Diane said...

I did a whistle stop tour of Glasgow once when I worked for a bank - i'd love a return visit.

jociegal said...

Stunning. I am dying to go to Scotland. The pictures always rock my world.

Taz said...

You were here in Scotland!!! :o