Thursday, 18 November 2010

Personal tradition

Surely I’m not the only one to have little traditions that keep me ticking over during the year. One of these is very, very much loved indeed. The new diary.
Now, what I love about it is the whole entire process. First there’s the buying. The last couple of years, I got mine from Paperchase. I’m quite pernickety as to what it should be like, the size of it, the type of cover, the amount of space you have to write each day. This year unfortunately I couldn’t find a design that I liked in that shop. But last weekend, John Lewis came to the rescue with a diary which I will cherish for the next twelve months.

Yep, it’s a Cath Kidston diary. I own a couple of CK things and both were presents. I love her stuff, but I find that when I go into her shops, I feel overwhelmed with flowers, dots and mostly high prices. So I’ve never bought anything CK. Until now that is. Because this is only a little CK addition to my house, nothing too in-your-face. Just a little something which will keep me company, adding colour and joy to whatever bag I’m lugging around with me.

What I love most about the whole process though is filling it in. Filling it in with birthday dates and possible holidays. Birthdays is an important one and the main reason why I get it done so early on. I have a few important ones in January and I have been known to forget them when not keeping up to date with my diary. Rather embarrassing. And really, it just makes me feel good about the new year to come, full of promises, hope, surprises, the unknown and hopefully, fingers crossed, lots of happiness.

So, let’s enjoy the end of 2010 in style, but don’t forget to be ready for 2011! ;-)

Ps: I can understand how this might put people off but I guess it’s related to my pathological need to have things or-ga-ni-sed. Something else to cross off the list ;-)


clarabelle said...

Totally with you on the diary love! That one is so cute...the past few years I have been a devoted Moleskin user - but feeling now they might be a tad boring (although they do the job perfectly!)
Enjoy date filling

Hazel said...

That looks like a very nice diary too. xx

Jill said...

I absolutely love filling in my new diary with people's birthday's - and try to be really neat. I even pick out a new brightly coloured pen, so that it looks extra special :0)
Years ago I bought myself rather an expensive leather organiser, so I just have to buy the inserts rather than a new diary. Your CK one looks really bright and cheerful. I'm loving the little Westie with the red bow at the bottom of the page.
Any look with finding a hairdresser yet????
I'm down in the dumps at the moment. I've fallen in love with a house, but the OH is dragging his feet. Plus, it looks like the banks won't lend to us because the OH will be on probation for another 4 months - I'm sooooo fed up :0(

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I'm with you on the diary front, I HAVE to have one each year or I feel weird.

Also with you on the Cath Kidston front, I feel a bit sick when I enter her shops. The items are lovely alone but all together? Uuugh!

P.s. You might want to pop over to my blog to see something exciting about YOU!

The Girl said...

The yearly diary is ALWAYS important!! I'm a Paperchase gal too except I am willing to forgo a month or so of being disorganised and then picking one up in the sale. But then I'm cheap like that :)

Taz said...

I do the same but with my calender. I just can't get into a habit of using a diary...don't know why.

Congrats on your big win btw :D xx

Anonymous said...

I usually get a planner for my birthday because it's between christmas & new year's, so they're half price! ;) I also love the ritual of filling everything in. what an adorable CK diary!

xo leanna