Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Secret embroidery

When I showed you photos of our little weekend away in the Peak District, I mentionned some secret embroidery. Secret it was because I was a little behind and was hoping to get it finished in time for the big day. Turns out I was one word short (this will make sense shortly!) in the end, but it did remain a secret - my needle and I put every effort into keeping this a surprise. Quite hard when the only time you're not spending together is when you're having a shower or using the toilet. Nice vision for you there, you're welcome.

The idea was to reinforce important concepts in a relationship. The basis for a happy couple. I'm conscious that sounds unbelievably cheesy, but we felt that sometimes, some of these important notions get forgotten about. And what better way to remind ourselves what love is all about than with a cute little embroidery to match the colour scheme in our bedroom. And my idea for a shelf covered in white frames. The first one I blogged about here remember? The heart frame? Oh yes, we've got a pattern going on.

So we have Understanding, with Patience, Love, Care, Kindness and Tolerance all branching off. Various shades of green embroidery floss. Natural linen background. Have I mentionned how much I love embroidery work? My mind is bursting with ideas. In a weird way, I can't wait for the new year to begin and Christmas to be behind us so that I can start on those new projects!!


Hazel said...

It is so pretty! Well I think I missed that Peak District post! You know that is where I live? I'd be intrigued to know which part you went to. So near, so close! x

Diane said...

I too missed your Peak District post so Ive just read it. So glad you liked it. Its virtually on my doorstep so its easy to nip for a day out etc - Its all really lovely. xx

The Curious Cat said...

What a lovely piece of work - feeling all sentimental after watching Love Actually and now seen this...sigh! I hope 2012 finds me someone special...the right person this time! :) xxx

Jennifer said...

How lovely and very clever. Well done.