Thursday, 15 December 2011

Thursday thoughts

It's Thursday. I'm getting ready for Christmas. I'd love to have tomorrow off but I'm way too busy at work. I'm working as much as I can on the shawl. I was interrupted in my endeavours last night after sweet looking Felix had a bite at my arm. I was crippled for the evening (take my word for it, you don't want to see a photo of the marks those fangs left). Thanks Felix.

I've got a hair dresser appointment tonight. Wish me luck. We have about 20 different salons in my little town, and I must have tried about a third so far. I've yet to find The One. They better not mess up my hair though because I have a Christmas party to attend tomorrow.

I have started organising my Christmas shopping list. Different categories for improved efficiency: veg/ fruit, meat/ fish, cheese, other fresh produce, cupboard stuff. Will definitely need to split it up into a few shopping trips to ensure sanity preservation. Let's just say someone might be earning a few points on their credit card.

Finally, pretty photo of the sun setting last weekend, taken from our bedroom window. It hasn't been like that lately though, we've had gale force winds and torrential rain. All nice and dry by the time I had to walk into work though, thankfully.

Phew, countdown D Day - 9


Anonymous said...

Yikes, don't start a countdown, I'm panicking enough as it is! Last year I stood in the supermarket queue for 45 minutes so I am determined to do better this year, but so far I've only started half a list...

The Curious Cat said...

What a naughty pussy cat - why did he do that?!

Hope you find 'The One'. I'm quite happy with my hair right now but my friend who cuts it is off travelling soon so no doubt it will suffer.... :( xxx