Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas welcome

The inside of the house is most definitely Christmas ready. Twinkly lights galore, shiny baubles, old fashioned wooden trinklets and a little bit of tinsel for good measure. But I wanted visitors to feel the Christmas love before they even set foot inside. So many beautiful wreaths are on sale at the moment, but few are suitable for the outdoors. We went for a walk around the market on Saturday morning and I was tempted to purchase a bunch of evergreen branches. Mr PF shook me back to life, couldn't I make one of those myself?! We could walk around in the countryside and find our own evergreens right? I thanked him for such insight.

So yesterday I grabbed some garden twine and my trusty secateurs. No need to go for a wonder though, our gardens were able to satisfy all my needs.

Some beautiful holly from the front garden, some fragant pine and rosemary from the back garden.

Welcome to my home :-)


Jennifer said...

Love it - and I love your front door too.

Cwm Crafts said...

Beautiful, have done something similar at ours :) There is very little berried holly here this year, perhaps it has been milder... love the glass door too! x

PinkCatJo said...

A beatiful front door and a lovely wreath. Christmas had definitely arrived! x