Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Rocking chair - it was fate

We have a little nook in our bedroom, between the left side of the chimney breast and the window. The perfect spot to relax and enjoy the beautiful view over the front garden and the green in the distance. Until recently, we were missing the essential tool to do just that. A chair. I'd thought about it occasionally, and dreamt of a rocking chair. My mum had a wicker one when I was growing up, but she gave it away. Funny how things go in and out of fashion. Anyway, my dream was brought to the forefront of my thoughts after I saw this inspiring post from my friend in Switzerland. This gave me the kick up the backside I needed. And boy did it send me flying. Right onto the phone to Mr PF, and straight onto ebay for some perusing. It was clearly meant to be, because a beautiful wooden chair was up for sale in a neighbouring town. Perfect, since this is the kind of item that is pick-up only, for obvious reasons! We waited and we waited and I went totally berserk in the last few minutes of the auction. We had agreed in advance on a maximum price we were willing to pay, and successfully defeated an opponent who went in at the minimum price (yes, this got terribly competitive!). So there, in the space of a couple of days, I went from being reminded about this chair which would make our bedroom feel so much more cosy, to finding a perfect one on ebay only around the corner from where we live, to actually winning it and bringing it home. How nicely do things work out sometimes? I think that's what they call fate.

An absolute bargain too, especially if you look at the price of new ones going out there... silly money! This one is in absolute mint condition, and the wood is simply beautiful. No nasty varnish to scrape off. It's going to stay as it is for the moment, but we may decide to paint it in the future. Until then, it needs a cushion. I need to get the sewing machine out.

I like to play pretend though and imagine that I've actually pulled my finger out and made up this tapestry kit I was given last Christmas... Can someone please stop the clock, there just isn't enough time!!!


The Girl said...

Ooh it's so lovely. Well done you e-bay hunter extraordinaire!

I need an armchair or something for my room but I've no idea if I'd be able to get one through my door at the moment. But I keep popping into my local charity shop and cooing over some of the ones they've got in there for a tenner!

MelMel said...

What a beautiful find!

The cushion that you have in kit form, would be perfect on there!

Enjoy it!xx

Made in Suisse said...

ah ah, love it almost as much as I love mine!Thanks for linking to my post. That was soo lucky to find one on ebay near you as these are getting quite rare to come by. I think a lovely hand made tapestry or crochet cushion would look beautiful on there.

Ali said...

Oh pretty pretty chair. And perfect for sitting in and admiring.