Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Gratuitous cat photos

Felix, the neighbour's cat is not allowed in the house. We don't want to give him bad habits you know? But since the weather's turned really cold, and he carries on wanting cuddling sessions when we come home, on a couple of occasions we decided to let him in.

On our terms though. He gets picked up from the front door and placed on either of our laps. He likes to choose who he sits on actually, and has a preference for Mr PF. I don't blame him (although clearly yes that is me in the photos).

He stays there for around 10min, after which he reaches his quota for cuddles. He lets you know in no uncertain terms when he's ready to go out again (ungrateful sod will go for the hand, sharp teeth and all). But who could resist that cute little face?


MelMel said...

Felix is lovely....look at that sweet little kitty face.....he looks much warmer now! Bless him!

The Girl said...

Ha he has you well trained :)

The Curious Cat said...

I love him!!!! :) xxx