Friday, 9 December 2011

It's only Friday?

That's what it feels like this morning. Still one whole day to go. One long day at that, topped off with a Christmas party. "Party" is a very generous word considering the company budget involved... anyway, let's not talk about sore points. Ahem.

This weekend should be really nice though. I haven't exactly got a plan in mind, but it will/ should hopefully include the following:
  • the purchase of our Christmas tree - the all very important decision of height and fatness, you know what I'm talking about.

  • guess that means the Christmas decorations will have to come down from the attic - always an exciting moment since I seem to forget what decorations we have from one year to the next. Yes I do have a rubbish memory.

  • a decision will need to be made regarding my nan's shawl. I've been faced with what feels like insurmountable problems, having to take back more rows than I care to remember. And I still don't have the right number of stitches on my needles. Not only is this totally perplexing, but it leaves me in a difficult situation. If I can't fix this tomorrow, I may have to ditch this project entirely.... Where's my knitting fairy, I need you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wrapping up until I resemble a Michelin man to attend a local football game. My presence and the purchase of two tickets was another one of my great birthday presents to Mr PF. Call me selfless. Although not selfless enough to go stand in the cold on Tuesday night. That was beyond my physical abilities. I have a serious amount of Mediterranean blood running through my veins and it's fair to say I. Do. Not. Cope. Well. With. The. Cold.

  • Finalising some Christmas presents. We've been very organised this year and once again, have made the most of the internet. How I love ordering things from the comfort of my own home!

  • Feeding the Christmas cake. I can hear him calling my name for more brandy.

  • Checking my bulbs and deciding whether now's the time to bring them indoors. Such anticipation has gone into this. It's the first year I've tried out bulbs and seeing them grow has been incredible. I thought I might have killed them off but no no, they're definitely growing! Would be lovely to have them in bloom for Christmas but I'm not sure how to get the timing right...

  • Drinking lots of hot cups of coffee. My weekend tipple. Even better when served in those adorable cups with some dark chocolate on the side. I might even try to make some mulled apple juice to take to the football. Oh gosh, can't I just go home now and forget about work? I've got so much to do!!!

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