Friday, 2 December 2011

Friday tales

  • On Wednesday, I helped French union members find their way back to St Pancras to catch the Eurostar home. Yes, they had come especially for the day to support their fellow public workers. As if there aren’t enough strikes in France, they come here for extra practise.

  • I watched the Benton dog video (check it out on youtube if you haven't seen yet, it's hilarious) and because I’m a language sponge, I keep saying Jeez all the time as a result (after the owner’s Jesus Christ cries). Someone sort me out, my vocabulary is dwindling as I type.

  • I’ve messed up a couple of rows on my shawl, which means I’m going to have to take 3 entire rows back. I even went to see the Rowan rep at my local John Lewis at lunch time to see if she had a magical solution and her advice was to just “go one stitch at a time and go slowly”. Not what I wanted to hear. I t makes me want to cry.

  • Tomorrow we’re going to Cambridge to pick up a new sofa bed. Depending on the size of the package, I may or may not have to get home by train instead of the warm car. Wish us luck.

  • On the plus side, my advent calendar chocolate is waiting patiently for me at home. Can’t wait.

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PinkCatJo said...

Yay for French striking support! How lovely of them to come and join us! x