Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Yesterday I mentionned I'd be doing more exercise this year. In line with this "new me", I'm also taking this 'loosing weight' thing seriously. Honest. But healthy does not mean boring. Not if you're like me and you loooooovve eating. So the other day I started with this:

Porridge (made with water), some honey and some raspberries. The raspberries we picked last summer and some were frozen to be enjoyed at a later date. Perfect in porridge. Try it. Now. You'll love it. I loved it so much I'm having it again this morning at work. Took some in a tupperware and I'm about to go heat it up in the microwave!

Next time, I'll give the red currants and the blackberries a go. Can't wait! x

ps: not sure about the exercise regime just yet after all. We've got more snow here, so my planned evening run will most likely need to be rescheduled... boo!!


Lalabibaby said...

After watching the Hairy Bikers on TV last night I don't think I will ever manage to diet!! Well done you anyhow.

The Girl said...

That does look lovely. But I'm a slave to my wheetabix. Surely they can't be that bad for you can they?!

I returned back to the gym yesterday for the first time in about 3 months. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought - I think I was starting to develop gymphobia so I'm glad I've finally gone back. Just need to keep it up now!

Jennifer said...

Great job on the good start with eating healthy. I love porridge. You could always shovel snow, it's great exercise, and burns tons of calories.

Dragonfly said...

Well, I fell over yesterday as I kick started my new year exercise regime into play!
I could eat a bowl of porridge RIGHT NOW!

mia said...

oh, more exercise, I long for that too. And eating less... I hear eating (sensibly) only till say 6pm is very effective as it gives a chance to our digestive system to manage everything that's been coming in through out the day + helps to control bad late night nibbling habits. I'm worming up to that idea. And more light and efficient food. Thanks for the motivation!;)

Liz said...

Looks gorgeous. Hope you don't have to wait too long for the snow to clear before you can get running again. I'm feeling extremely frustrated about only being able to get out once in the past two weeks!