Monday, 25 January 2010

You make me happy

Thank you!! Honestly, I don't know how many times I've said this before, but I'd like to say it again, THANK YOU!!!!! I guess I'm always so amazed at how kind you people are. Thank you to all of you who took the time to leave comments recently, you won't believe how happy they've made me. And more importantly, they were all interesting, and inspiring. You shared some of your experiences, and I thank you for that. Sometimes, in the crazy environment that we live in, it's easy to forget that other people go through similar troubles, that people have similar issues and uncertainties. Everything seems to go so fast, people appear so focused and determined, it's easy to feel like you're falling behind. But reading your comments has given me energy and drive to sort things out! So once again (and I promise it's the last time, well at least in this post) thank you!

Right, moving on. I'm very proud to say that I managed to tick off quite a few things off my to-do list this weekend. Listen to this (can you hear the drum roll...?) I went to my gym class on Saturday AND went for a jog yesterday!!! Hip hip, hooray!!!! No but honestly, I feel very proud, even if a little stiff today...! Didn't get round to looking at my CV though, so I'm going to do that before the end of the week. That's my goal for the next few days.

And regarding the healthy snacks, well I got plenty of fruit and low fat yogurts for the moment. But that just sounds a little boring compared to the snack ideas that Felix has give me. Thank you so much (doh! I've done it again!). Well I don't care, you deserve a massive thank you Felix!!! Thanks for taking the time to give me all that advice, goodness knows I need it!

So, what else was I up to this weekend? It feels like I had quite a relaxing time, which is a really nice feeling. I feel content and it's Monday morning, what's going on?! Well I guess all the cross stitching might have helped. The end is near so that fills me with joy!! I have to admit, I don't think cross stitching is for me, it's just so slow moving... It just doesn't give me the excitement I get from other crafts, maybe I'm just too impatient!! If you want to have a look at a hilarious example of cross stitching though, go and check out The Girl, it's hilarious!!

Another thing which made me really really REALLY happy this weekend is this (and you're now going to understand what the first three photos have been about!):

Reggie I love you!!!!! Reggie the cat has sent me this wonderful super cute pinny. I love it!!! Blogland is such a wonderful place, full of immensely generous people. Thank you Ali!!

Right, I've got more to tell you about, but I need to get on with things so it'll be for another day! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and that you've got a happy Monday in sight xxx


Felix said...

I am glad the snacking tips were useful! Another tip I just remembered is the joy of the 2-egg omelette. If you use the whites of both eggs but only one yolk, you get a much lighter omelette that has far fewer calories in it. They are a life-saver for those moments when you are absolutely starving hungry and have to eat something RIGHT NOW and don't have time to waste. You can set the yolk aside and mix it with a little honey and some nice essential oils to make a quality hair rinse (so as not to waste it) and the extra-light philadelphia mixed with spinach or mushrooms makes a really creamy (and low in calories) filling. It's also very satisfying as eggs tend to release energy slowly...

...I find the only way I can lose weight is to make it be a really positive experience where I think really well about what I want to eat and keep making it exciting and fresh. It can sometimes feel like you are depriving yourself if you go on any sort of diet; I have to make it feel like I am giving myself something nice in order to make it work, and taking the time to organise your cupboards and give yourself the care and thought that you need around food are in my experience the only things that work! It seems like you are already doing this in such a great way and that gorgeous pinny is hopefully going to be one of many fab things that you get in order to feel better about food!

Hurrah, I'm glad it's all going so well.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you got a lot done this weekend, that's great. I love your new apron, very pretty.

jane said...

So glad it is going well! Felix is right about the omelette tip - but I didn't know about the hair mask idea, that sounds like a fun thing to try!
The pinny is SO nice, what a great thing to win! I love Lisa Leonard stuff and that red looks brilliant with the neutrals. Have fun wearing it!

The Girl said...

That pinny's so cute!

I know what you mean about cross stitch, it can be slow going at times. Especially at the beginning when you work on something for hours and then you put it down and it doesn't look like anything!! I had many crises of confidence during Barack - at one point I thought it was just going to look like a random bloke but hurray for it turning out ok!