Thursday, 14 January 2010

Princess slippers

When my mum came over at Christmas, we had a lot of fun. There was a particular occasion when we actually couldn't stop laughing. All three of us (mum, Boyfriend and I). In stitches. Quite a funny sight. And the reason for our belly and cheek paralysis? Boyfriend's knitted birthday gifts. I now see I may have overdone it a bit (ok quite a lot) on the knitted presents. That's all he got pretty much. And even though I did spend an enormous amount of time, effort and love making all these things, it was more about what I thought he might like, rather than what he actually wanted.

So there, we laughed. And laughed. And laughed. But at the end of it, by the time all our faces were bright red and I had a permanent massive grin, mum said she quite fancied a pair of those slippers for herself. Something to keep her feet warm in bed during the cold winter months. No sooner had she left that we made a little trip to John Lewis and I got some nice yarn in the sale to start on that project! I altered the pattern slightly to make them smaller, and didn't make pompoms (she wasn't too keen on them). I thought some ribbon would be pretty and more practical anyway, since she can tie it up to make sure the slippers stay on her feet. What do you reckon? I think they're so so cute!!! I hope she likes them! :-)


The Girl said...

They are super cute! Love the ribbon.

Jennifer said...

I think they are great, she's going to love them.

Anonymous said...

For a brief moment I thught these slippers were your gift to your boyfriend!

they are gorgeous though.

Congrats to being the real winner in Domesticali's giveaway!!

Petit Filoux said...

Now that would have been funny if they'd been for the boyfriend!