Thursday, 5 November 2009

Knitty party

Well I'm glad I'm not the only one to have noticed how strange the moon looks like these days!! So low in the sky and just so BIG, it's pretty odd at times!! And I'm glad you liked the look of my cake! I'd share a slice or two with you if I could!! But I'm afraid we munched it all down like little piggies!! ;-)

Today I thought I'd show you what I gave Boyfriend for his birthday. Now you'll understand what I've been doing with my time for the last two months or so. Poor thing, I drowned him in knitted things. He's a bloke after all, so I guess I should have known better. But I just got sooooo excited, I just couldn't resist.

First of all, there was the Baktus scarf. Now this was a request, so I knew it would please. He liked mine so much (and stole it a couple of times during our holiday in Norfolk), I just had to make him one. We even picked the colours together to make sure he'd approve. So there, my second Baktus. Love it as much as the first day I saw it.

Now onto the second present. I was inspired to make it after visiting this lady's blog. She designs her own cloths. But I wasn't going to pay someone to do the hard work, I'm not like that, and actually, I was quite excited at the thought of Designing something. Ok ok, it's pretty simple I know, but I felt really chuffed. Although it didn't come out quite right!! A little elongated if you ask me (it was meant to be a square!) but Boyfriend liked it, and I'll just do better next time.

And finally, the most controversial knitted present. Slippers. You read right. I knitted him some slippers. I feel this may have been one step too far! But you know what, I had great fun making them, and if we ever have a visitor with really big feet (they are a little on the big size even for Boyfriend as I used some chunky yarn), we'll have something at hand to keep them warm.

I personally think they're really cute, pompom and all :-) x

ps: I found the pattern for the slippers on this wonderful blog, they're really easy so have a go! They'd make really cool xmas presents I reckon


vanessa said...

Love the slippers! But the Baktus scarf is absolutely fabulous! I followed all your links, right back to where the pattern is, and have put it on my MUST do list. It really is stunning in the stripes. I love stripes, I'm obsessed by stripes! I think your car cloth is very clever indeed, and I'm so glad your handmade gifts were fully appreciated.
Love Vanessa xxx

The Girl said...

The scarf is lovely, really nice classical colours.

The slippers are absolutely brilliant - the pompom is the best bit! I have an image of a bloke wapped up in a scarf, shuffling around in pompom slippers - it's hilarious!

Hope he appreciates all the time you've spent on him, with the knitting and the cake-making - i think you deserve a treat now!

Jennifer said...

What great gifts, and I absolutely love the scarf. You are taking great care of your man, he'll be all nice and cozy.

The Garden Bell said...

Amazing. I just looked outside this morning and there it was. I thought the same thing. The moon here was at the backyard tree line. Pretty cool.

Great scarf to keep you all smugglie this winter.

Fancy Elastic said...

I need some slipper like that! Brilliant!