Tuesday, 10 November 2009

You know...

...winter is well and truly on its way when:

  • you leave the house and it's dark
  • you come home and it's dark
  • you never leave the house without a scarf
  • you heard it was -7 degrees C in Scotland over the weekend
  • you have now added gloves to your daily attire
  • you've bought yourself a tupperware to bring porridge into the office for breakfast
  • you're counting down the days to the winter solstice, after which days will get longer again - it's 41 days if you were wondering


The Garden Bell said...

I'll add another one....

you never leave the house at all.
you send your hubby out to get the mail (post)

I agree with each and everyone of these... Toooooo funny

Jennifer said...

How true, I really don't care for it being so dark all the time, really wishing we had a fireplace, then it would all seem so much cozier.

The Girl said...

Haha! I bought porridge oats this morning!!