Thursday, 12 November 2009

Help please!! (Don't worry, nothing major really!!)

You know what, I'm super mega excited. One of my best friends from university got engaged last week to another one of my friends from uni. At first, it made me feel really odd. Odd to think two of my friends would be getting married. Weird that they were both the same age as me and talking about weddings. Even more weird to think they'd be getting married in less than a year. That is so scary!!!!!

So anyway, I've been invited to their engagement party in a few weeks and EEEEEEEEEEKKKKK!!! I have no idea what to get them!! What do you buy for engagement parties? I can't get there empty handed, but I'm sure plenty of money will be spent on the hen do/ wedding present/ attending the actual wedding. And unfortunately times are a little tight at the moment. So please, suggestions welcome!!! I definitely need some help here, and I feel you might be a little more creative than Boyfriend!!! No offence B ;-) - Oh, and I probably will have to go down by train to where they live, so I need something that can be carried around easily... I know, I know, I don't mean to sound difficult but you know how it is!! So there, I'm waiting for your ideas which I'm sure will be great. Pretty please!!!!


The Girl said...

Freaking engagement parties....another thing that's come over here from America. Like baby showers - what's that all about! Stop trying to get money out of me!!!!

Weddings are so unbelievably expensive. I have sworn that I will do my utmost to not make people have to sell a kidney to be able to come to a wedding if I ever have one.

This comment is of no help at all. I have no suggestions. YOUR PRESENCE SHOULD BE ENOUGH I SAY!!

ooooh, what about a wedding planner organiser diary type thing? Or will lots of other people have that idea too? Just get her a stack of bridal magazines, apparently they're quite expensive, you'll be helping her out!

Yeah. I'm rubbish at buying presents.

PinkCat said...

When we got engaged one of my best friend painted a ceramic wall plaque with our names and the date. It was really nice and she personalised it with a picture of our cat.

Alternatively you could get her one made here - - I had one made with our names, engaged and the date and it hangs in our bedroom. I plan to get another when we get married.

Another present I received was a fig tree - fig being the fruit of love. It might be a bit difficult for you to take on the train but perhaps you can find somewhere that would deliver it.

Hope these ideas help! x

Jennifer said...

What about covering a small blank journal type book with some beautiful fabric, perhaps she could use it to make notes etc. for the wedding. It would be really inexpensive (especially if you have some fabric scraps around) and it would be homemade and thoughtful.

Liz said...

I kind of agree with the "your presence should be enough" comment above but if you do want to take something then how about making some biscuits in the shape of each of their first initials (like cookie monograms) and wrapping them up nicely.


Or if you have fabric and can sew make some of these Mr & mrs Cushions
Or Knit them cushions........!
Anything to make them smile, matching beenie hats, slippers.
I think the biscuits / cupcakes idea is very good